At Big Creek Winery, we are committed to making sure that you love the wine you buy which is why we always have had FREE tastings. If you taste It in the winery, you know exactly what you are taking home.

We also have recommendations on our website about cooking with wine, storing wines and pairing wines with various recipes. But there is yet another burning question we are here to solve for you.

“Why is there a big dent in the bottom of the wine bottle?”

We would hate for you not to know the answer to this important question so, here goes. The “dent” is a relic that dates to a time when glass bottles were hand blown. To make sure they would not topple over from an uneven bottom glass blowers would create a “dent” to keep it from wobbling.

The “dent” actually has a name. In the glass business, the dent is called a “punt”.

When you pour a wine, you are supposed to keep control of the bottle by keeping a finger in the “punt”.

In today’s marketplace where bottles are molded and can be mass produced identically, there is no need for a “punt”, but it has been kept as part of wine tradition.

When you shop, it isn’t really possible to see the “punt” very well. There are some vintners who use bottles with a large “punt” to decrease the volume of a full bottle.  At Big Creek Winery, you’ll find we take a traditional “punt” on our bottles.

Come see for yourself! We’re glad we could solve this mystery for you.

Cheers to the “punt”.