We’d love to show you where we develop our wines. It’s a passion of ours – working with the grapes and fruits – to make wines we can share with our customers and friends.

There’s space in our winery to hold events and dinners, and we look forward to those, whether they are organized by us or one you’ve rented the space to host yourself. Let’s talk about events at the winery!

Ask for a tour of Big Creek Winery

What to expect on your tour


Touring the Winery is a stroll through our story of making the wines you love! We learned early on that when you make wine, you operate in “grape time.” So, plan to spend an hour with us as we show off our winery, explain the life-cycle of our grapes and orchard fruits and tell you a little about our farm-to-bottle process.

Your tour includes a tasting of the wines we have available for sale at the time. You can review our wine list before your visit, but you’re welcome to try all of them. The names of our wines were specially chosen, and we’d love to share the stories of those names with you. Check that out here.

After your tour, we’d love you to review us on Google Locations by clicking HERE. Let others know what you thought, and be sure to let us know what we can do to make your future visits better.

Succulent Country Fruits Make Delicious Wines

Our fruit wines are popular and are quickly sold from the winery. We offer several wines from seasonal fruits and have plans to add more. If you’re interested in a particular wine of any kind, you are encouraged to speak with Billy about reserving the wines so you will be first on the list to purchase your favorites when they are ready.

We love it that Big Creek Winery has become a destination for afternoon drives, girlfriend get-togethers, tourists, families and people heading to a special event who need a bottle of wine to take along.

It’s a nice surprise when a group shows up for a tasting. We encourage people to bring a picnic and eat here on the grounds. Soon we’ll have tables and other accommodations, but for now, bring your lawn chairs or blankets.

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Some of Big Creek Winery’s wines are only available seasonally. If you have a particular favorite and would like to be placed on a waiting list so you’ll know when it’s available, let Billy know.