Meet Big Creek Winery’s Owner Billy Brymer

Big Creek Winery is open daily for tastings of its selection of grape and fruit wines, which are made and sold at the winery. The Winery is named in honor of a substantial tributary of Richland Creek, a navigable waterway that intersects the large southern Middle Tennessee county. Big Creek Winery is owned by Billy Brymer, a Giles County native who grew up along the waters of Big Creek.

Billy admits he’s always been intrigued by winemaking, and begin visiting wineries in 2004 to begin research on winemaking as an art and with hopes of making it a business. In 2007 he bought his first vines, and his vineyard began. By 2014 he was making wine!

He credits a serendipitous meeting with Sam Duncan and wife Nell while dining at a Lawrence County, Tennessee, eatery. The octogenarian couple pulled out unlabeled bottles of the most beautiful wine Billy had ever seen, and he could not resist introducing himself to the couple to find out if they had made it. Once Sam was satisfied that Billy’s motives were pure, he extended an offer to mentor Billy in winemaking. Sam is honored with the bold Big Creek Winery Sam Duncan Red Muscadine named for him.

Explore this website to learn more about how Billy named his wines for the history and hobbies he loves and find out more about the grapes and fruits he uses to create his selections.