Our Wines are Named for What is Dear to Us


Antoinette Hall

Antoinette Hall honors the 1868 opera house that was the cultural center of post-Civil War Pulaski, bringing music, theater and arts. It was the venue for the first Exposition of Fruit Growers in 1871, during which producers from throughout the South who were converting their land from cotton production to more lucrative post-war crops met for training, fellowship and revelry. This Red Wine is a blend of norton, chambourcin and noiret.

Bodenham Green Hornet

A subtle grape and peach blend, the Bodenham Green Hornet pays homage to one of Giles County’s rural schools that educated community children for decades before consolidation in 1978-79. The Green Hornet was the school mascot of Bodenham School, where winery owner Billy Brymer attended as a young child.

Campbellsville Bears

A fragile grape, the Niagara wine recalls days long gone with the consolidation of the school system in Giles County. For almost a century the tiny hamlet of Campbellsville, Tennessee, took great pride in its community school that was home of the Campbellsville Bears. The school’s bear mascot, named for the wildlife that inhabited the area and the folklore of great bear attacks and survivals, is the alma mater of Big Creek Winery’s owner, Billy Brymer.

Red Iron front

Red Iron Red

It takes time to build a dream.It took time to build the dream-builder “Red Iron Red.” It takes time to make an outstanding wine to commemorate the dream builders and their accomplishments. This bold, locally-grown Noiret grape wine aged in whiskey barrels pays tribute to the nuances of both the grape and the ironworker.


Bringing with her great joy, Charlee is the granddaughter of Big Creek Winery’s founder, owner and winemaker, Billy Brymer. The Charlee is a limited-edition blueberry wine, rare and special like its namesake.

Strolling Jim

Strolling Jim, the first World’s Champion Tennessee Waking Horse, was foaled in 1936. This former work horse was ridden to the championship by Floyd Carothers at the first Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration in 1939. Strolling Jim died in 1957 in the pasture where he spent his last years, and his grave is still visited by horse enthusiasts from around the world.

Iron Horse

Expansion of rail service through our region in the mid-19th Century was a catalyst for regional development enabling trade, bringing employment opportunities and contributing to overall progress by facilitating faster and more efficient transportation of goods and people, opening up markets, connecting previously isolated communities and spurring industrial and agricultural growth. Our Iron Horse Red Wine, a blend of chambourcin and noiret, honors the railroad’s contributions.


Big Creek Winery and its vineyards are situated in Giles County on land once part of the Crescentview Plantation established in the county’s infancy. The Crescentview wine is made from the Norton grape, a variety that made a comeback from near extinction following Prohibition.

Davy Crockett

This robust cherry wine honors Tennessean Davy Crockett, a frontiersman, soldier, politician, congressman and prolific storyteller. Known as the “King of the Wild Frontier,” his adventures — both real and fictitious — earned him American folk hero status. Crockett’s death at age 50 during the 1836 Battle of the Alamo burnished his reputation as a hero and cemented his legendary status.

Patriot f


Each bottle of Patriot – a blend of Red Chambourcin, White Muscadine and Blueberry wines – is infused with gratitude and respect for those who have served our country and with prayers for those who continue to serve.

1900 Red Velvet f

1900 Red Velvet

A red wine with natural chocolate extract tastes like Christmas cheer, Valentine’s romance and – at any time of the year – is as smooth as velvet, as decadent cake and as sweet as pure love.

Casimir f

Casimir Pulaski

General Casimir Pulaski was a Polish nobleman who, at the urging of Benjamin Franklin, fought valiantly for the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He died in battle at age 34 and is remembered for saving the life of George Washington and creating Pulaski Cavalry Legion, which reformed the American cavalry. The county seat of Giles County and our Casimir Pulaski wine, a blend of Norton and Crimson Cabernet grapes, honors this American hero.

Desire’s Mane

With a little sweetened tartness in this strawberry fruit wine, you have all the personality of its namesake, Desire, the mother and grandmother of Big Creek Winery owner Billy Brymer’s beloved horses.

Dixie Maid

A sweet and bouncy Blueberry fruit wine, the Dixie Maid is named for Giles County’s favorite drive-in burger and fries joint that became the gathering place for generations of newly minted teen drivers and families looking for a night out across four decades.


A sweet but robust Blackberry Wine, Excalibur is named for a favorite saddle-bred gaited horse from Big Creek Winery owner Billy Brymer’s personal stables.


The Firehawk is created in Giles County with the 19th century hybrid Chambourcin grape and aged in oak bourbon barrels from some of the South’s most venerable distilleries. The Firehawk is mascot for UT Southern, a campus of the University of Tennessee located in Pulaski, Tennessee, home of Big Creek Winery.

Giddy Up

Fall harvest brings the bounty of apples. This apple wine honors the horses who know the treat of a ripened apple, its name a nod to the vast equestrian legacy embedded in the history of Giles County.

Hunter's Run

Hunter’s Run, once home to the James Bomar family, was a horse ranch In Giles County that Billy Brymer, owner of Big Creek Winery, often visited when he was a young teenager. Hunter’s Run is where his love for riding horses began, fostering in him the desire to someday own horses himself. This Cranberry fruit wine is a holiday favorite and should be enjoyed around the family time at home or on the trail.

Milky Way Blue

Milky Way Blue honors the contribution candy manufacturer Frank Mars made to Giles County during the Great Depression years when he employed hundreds of local men and women to build his mansion, horse, cattle and sheep farms called Milky Way. The farm was home to thoroughbred Gallahadion, the 1940 winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Miner's Chell

Decadent and flirty, Miner’s Chell is a sweet Cherry wine ideal for sipping on the front porch swing or enjoying with a luscious dessert by a roaring fire.

Miner's Twist

A distinctive blend of 50% Muscadine & 50% Concord, a remembrance of the good and bad that came with Occidental Petroleum’s mining operation in the rich soils of Giles County. A landscape was left scarred forever by the phosphate strip mining that once provided a source of stable income during the years surrounding The Great Depression as farmers became miners.


“Pretty as a Peach” describes the flirty orchard peach fruit wine. The wine recalls memories of first dates or family movie nights at Giles County’s drive-in theater, the Moonglo, where across three decades – from the ’50s to the ’80s – carloads or couples flocked for the double features, popcorn, concessions and memories.


Tart and sweet, a perfect mix of flavors, this Pear fruit wine brings back the excitement of a night out – a date, a little dancing, some old time Rock ‘n Roll – when for a generation of young folks in the ’70s and early ’80s a good time was all about heading to Giles County’s premier nightclub, The Mohawk.

Pulaski Pure Peach

Giles County school children have memories of the little red and white cartons of milk they drank daily in the schools of the county. Families had Pulaski Pure milk delivered to doorsteps. Our adult version of Pulaski Pure is our peach wine that pays homage to the Pulaski Pure Dairy that supplied the pasteurized beverage of our halcyon youth.

Raspberry Reagan

Raspberry Reagan is a raspberry wine named for winery owner Billy Brymer’s irreplaceable horse Reagan, who was named in memory of President Ronald Reagan.

Red Hawk

The Red Hawk is a wine created in Giles County using the Chambourcin grape, which has been used in wine making since the 1860s. The Red Hawk name is a nod to the Red-Tailed Hawks that populate Giles County hunting from perches high in the trees and was the mascot of the former Martin Methodist College.

Sam Duncan Reserve

With great respect and affection our Red Muscadine is named for Sam Duncan, who generously and patiently taught us to coax not just the juice but the soul from the grapes we use in winemaking. Bold and rich, the Red Muscadine and the vintner Sam Duncan have more than a name in common.

Saddle Up

A Concord grape wine as rich as the equestrian traditions of winery owner Billy Brymer’s home in Giles County, with its acclaimed antebellum racetracks, its Kentucky Derby winner Gallahadion of Milky Way Farms, Tennessee Walking Horse training barns and a never-ending passion for trail rides, Giles County is solid equestrian country.

Richland Creek Haze

Richland Creek Haze is made in Giles County. Running through the county near our winery is a wide river-like creek that often greets the mornings with a haze of fog and always with the rich promise of its hidden beauty. The Catawba grape is rich in body, flavor and abundance, much like the creek itself.

Wales Station

This White Muscadine wine is named for Wales Station, a stop on the L&N Railroad that allowed farmers to ship their products quickly to market and passengers to explore beyond their own communities. When the railroad dissected Giles County in 1859, opportunities opened never before imagined. The town grew around the small station, but little is left of the busy community that once boasted the train stop, a blacksmith shop, a church, a post office, a general store and several impressive historic homes.

cherry f

Cherry Bomb

A mix of our robust blackberry and grape wines flavored with natural cherry essence creates an explosive and unforgettable wine perfect for celebrating the best moments of your life.

Some of Big Creek Winery’s wines are only available seasonally. If you have a particular favorite and would like to be placed on a waiting list so you’ll know when it’s available, let Billy know. 

The wines are named for local landmarks and interests, so you get a history lesson while sipping and savoring some of the best Southern wine in the region. Billy has really taken the time to perfect his craft of winemaking, so whether you prefer dry or sweet, a visit to Big Creek Winery promised not to disappoint!

Peggy Tatum

Pulaski, Tenn.