Love is in the air, and Big Creek Winery is delighted to introduce its newest sensation: the 1900 Red Velvet, a divine chocolate wine designed to elevate your Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you’re expressing romantic affection, celebrating friendship, or honoring your parents, we’ve curated three exquisite gift box options to make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

1. Romantic Rendezvous:

For couples, create a romantic gift box that sets the mood for a memorable evening together.


  • Big Creek Winery’s 1900 Red Velvet (1 bottle)
  • Elegant wine glasses for a sophisticated touch
  • Gourmet chocolate truffles or a box of assorted chocolates
  • Scented candles to create a cozy atmosphere
  • A personalized love note or a romantic poem

Optional Additions:

  • Silk rose petals for a romantic touch
  • A soft blanket for a cozy and intimate setting

Presentation: Arrange the items in a heart-shaped box or a rustic wooden crate, tied with a satin ribbon. Encourage your loved one to uncork the 1900 Red Velvet and savor the rich flavors as you enjoy each other’s company.

2. Friendship Fiesta:

Celebrate the joy of platonic love and friendship with a delightful gift box that radiates warmth and camaraderie.


  • Big Creek Winery’s 1900 Red Velvet (1 bottle)
  • Artisanal cheese selection and crackers
  • A variety of gourmet nuts and dried fruits
  • A light-hearted card or a friendship bracelet
  • A playlist of favorite songs or a classic movie for entertainment

Optional Additions:

  • Customized wine glass charms for a personal touch
  • A fun board game or puzzle to enjoy together

Presentation: Arrange the items in a colorful gift box or a basket, adorned with cheerful ribbons and confetti. This gift box is perfect for sharing laughter and creating lasting memories with your closest friends.

3. Parental Praise:

Show appreciation and love to the wonderful parents in your life with a gift box that exudes warmth and gratitude.


  • Big Creek Winery’s 1900 Red Velvet (1 bottle)
  • A selection of gourmet cheeses and artisanal crackers
  • A heartfelt card expressing gratitude and love
  • A cozy throw blanket for comfort and warmth
  • A family photo frame for cherished memories

Optional Additions:

  • A handwritten recipe book filled with family favorites
  • A scented candle to add a touch of relaxation

Presentation: Present the items in a classic, neutral-toned gift box or a basket, tied with a bow. This gift box is designed to create a cozy and loving atmosphere, perfect for expressing gratitude and celebrating family bonds.

No matter the type of love you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, Big Creek Winery’s 1900 Red Velvet is the perfect centerpiece for crafting thoughtful and personalized gift boxes. Choose the option that resonates most with your sentiments and let the celebration of love and connection begin. Cheers to creating unforgettable moments with those who matter most!