Pairing wines and cheeses is a favorite way to enjoy wine – and cheese! If you are just beginning to explore which wines go with what cheeses, we have some tips for you:

The easiest way to pair is to start with the type of cheese you like the best. There are 4 groups of cheeses: Hard, Soft, Blue Cheese, Goat Cheeses, Rind Cheese and Melted Cheese.

The pairings go as follows:

Hard Cheeses (cheddars, parmigiano, Manchego) go well with a medium body red wine. The most common and most favorite pairing is Cabernet Sauvignon with hard cheeses. But some pair people love pairing a chardonnay with cheddar.

Soft Cheeses (cheese spreads, brie, camembert) are paired with fruity wines. Often these will be a pinot noir or sometimes a rosé.

Blue Cheese (Roquefort, Gorgonzola) are strong cheeses that pair with a sweet wine or sherry.

Goat Cheese pairs with a rosé or a fruity Beaujolais (red) wine.

Melted Cheese (fondu) pairs with a sharp white wine.